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What is it?

You are cordially invited to join the Young Orthodox Book Club, which is an opportunity for young Orthodox Christians to read important Orthodox works together, under the guidance of a priest and academic. The selected books will stimulate both the soul and the intellect, and will undoubtedly enhance your experience of their faith.

How does it work?

We meet once a month for discussion, reading one book every three months. This means that each book gets three sessions of coverage. There is also the opportunity to continue into a second and third year, which means, if one carries on reading, they will complete nine books in total, with input from an expert guide.

It is limited to Orthodox Christians between the ages of 18 and 35, and costs £150 for the (academic) year. If this is not something you can afford, speak with your priest to see if the parish has any funds to support you. If not, please register your interest anyway, by emailing and explaining your situation. There are no bursary funds available as yet, but we are looking into a system of supporting those who wish to join, but who cannot now afford it.

We must have at least ten people sign up for the club to make a viable cohort. If we do not get enough people, the club will not run, and those who have already paid will get a refund in full. After the first month of the programme, no refunds will be available.

What will we read?



Autumn (Sept-Dec):                       For the Life of the World, Schmemann, A.

Winter Term (Jan-Mar):                 The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church, Lossky, V.


Spring Term (Apr-Jun):                  The Sacrament of Love, Evdokimov, P.



Autumn (Sept-Dec):                      The Orthodox Church: Its Past & Its Role...Today, Meyendorff, J.


Winter Term (Jan-Mar):                 Great Lent, Schmemann, A.


Spring Term (Apr-Jun):                  Spiritual Diary, Bulgakov, S.



Autumn (Sept-Dec):                      The Freedom of Morality, Yannaras, C.


Winter Term (Jan-Mar):                 Being as Communion, Zizioulas, J.


Spring Term (Apr-Jun):                  Deification in Christ, Nellas, P.

Sign up today!

Go to the Eventbrite page, and purchase a ticket.

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