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a quarterly magazine about Orthodoxy
in the Western World

Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine seeks to present a positive picture of the Orthodox Churches engaged in ministry across the Western World. It does so by gathering news of goings-on in different parts of the world, and by offering brief articles of educational, historical, and spiritual value.

The primary language of Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine is English, although submissions can be in any of the languages used by the Orthodox Churches in the West and the communities within which they serve.

While standing firmly within the tradition of the Church, the Orthodox Exchange magazine will not publish material determined to be polemical, contrary to the spirit of charity, or representative of only one point of view among the Orthodox Churches as a whole. In recognition that there are many channels now available by which a person who wishes to engage in the controversies of today may do so, this medium seeks to share only those things that are edifying to the faithful and consistent with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Exchange will not engage in the criticism of bishops of any jurisdiction.

Published online four times a year:

  • Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Autumn)

  • Nativity/Theophany (Winter)

  • Pascha (Spring)

  • Apostles (Summer)

Orthodox Exchange Magazine 1.png

Each issue contains:

  • News from around the Orthodox World in the West (submissions from parishes and communities)

  • Ask a Cleric (a regular Q&A section, where questions are taken from laity and enquirers and answered by an active bishop or priest)

  • Catechesis Today (an article on some facet of Orthodox life, written especially with enquirers in mind)

  • Lives of the Saints (an historical look at a saint whose feast features in the quarter represented by that edition of the magazine)

  • The Church Year (a consideration of the liturgical cycle the Church is in the time of any given edition)

  • History for all (a brief article on some aspect of the Church's life as experienced at any point in the last two thousand years)

  • Art & the Church (a look at the Church's iconography and music, both historical and contemporary)

  • Liturgy & Life (a meditation on some aspect of the Church's liturgical life, and how it might inform life in the world)

  • The Orthodox Family (a section for assisting families seeking to live the Orthodox life, including a column and activities)

  • Books in Review (where we review new books received, and offer commentary on other works of significance to Orthodox life)

  • Community Notices (submitted items telling about present or future activities open to others)

  • Paid Advertisements (Ads paid for by individuals, parishes, or companies, that are consistent with the vision of Orthodox Exchange Magazine)


A year's subscription to Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine costs a mere £12 for the year, and subscribers retain access to the full archive of editions as they are released.

Single editions can be purchased for £5, and access is limited to that edition.


If you represent an Orthodox community (parish, mission, or monastery), or any business whose purpose does not contradict the beliefs and mission of the Orthodox Church, you advertisement is most welcome in Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine

Prices are as follows:

  • Full page (single edition): £200

  • Full page (four editions): £400

  • Half Page (single edition): £100

  • Half Page (four editions): £200

  • Quarter Page (single edition): £50

  • Quarter Page (four editions): £100

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