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Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine

a quarterly magazine about Orthodoxy in the Western World

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Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine seeks to present a positive picture of the Orthodox Churches engaged in ministry across the Western World. It does so by gathering news of goings-on in different parts of the world, and by offering brief articles of educational, historical, and spiritual value.

The primary language of Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine is English, although submissions can be in any of the languages used by the Orthodox Churches in the West and the communities within which they serve.

The Magazine is published four times a year, and is now available both in print and digital

Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Autumn)

Nativity/Theophany (Winter)


Pascha (Spring)


Apostles (Summer)

Get yours today!

If you are in the UK or the EU, Canada or the USA, Australia or NZ, you can take out an annual subscription for £20 + postage.

Postage costs for different countries are:

In the UK: £12 for the year


In the EU: £20 for the year


In the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand: £24 for the year

This means that a UK subscriber will pay just £32, an EU subscriber just £40, and a Canadian, American, Australian, or New Zealand subscriber just £44 for a year's worth of high-quality articles by a select group of Orthodox writers from various jurisdictions.

An annual digital-only subscription, meanwhile, costs only £16 wherever you are.

Sold individually, an issue costs £5 for digital access, or £7 + postage for the paper edition depending on where you are in the world.

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