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Parish Life

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In the Parish of St Theodore of Tarsus and St Teilo of Llandaff, we try to live out the traditional Orthodox Faith in a way that is generous, confident, welcoming, and engaged.

This means that we are as interested in the world beyond our doors as we are in what happens on the Altar... and as Orthodox Christians, the Altar to us is of supreme importance!

We can say nothing more about the Faith we hold than the words to be found in the Divine Liturgy, but we also believe very strongly that this Faith is of intrinsic value and relevance to the whole world. As such, we are a 'mission-oriented' community, insofar as we seek to communicate our Faith as best we can - by means of our lives and our profession - in the world at large, in the knowledge that, as we do, God is already there. It is also very important to us that we recognise our Welsh context, and serve as a reminder of the ancient roots of Orthodox Christianity in this place.

Anyone and everyone is always welcome to visit the parish, experience the Liturgy, talk with the priest or any of the people, and/or participate in one of our courses live or online.

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