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Forthcoming is the first volume of our FIRST WORD series which, as the name implies, represents a first point of reference on topics central to Orthodox life. They are academically-sound, but entirely accessible works that can be of use to the enquirer into the Orthodox Faith, the undergraduate student, and even the veteran of the Church who wants to refresh his or her knowledge and understanding or would like a quick reference.


The FIRST WORD series is physically small so as to be easy to carry anywhere, and limited in word count so as not to overwhelm.


Titles will include, but will not be limited to:

1.    The First Word on the Orthodox Church (author: Jacob Siemens)
2.    The First Word on the Liturgy (author: Geoffrey Ready)
3.    The First Word on Icons (author: Andreas Andreopoulos)
4.    The First Word on the Sacraments
5.    The First Word on Prayer
6.    The First Word on Parish Life
7.    The First Word on Differences Between Christians
8.    The First Word on the Scriptures (author: Andreas Andreopoulos)
9.    The First Word on Fundamental Doctrines 
10.  The First Word on Death and the Afterlife (author: Jacob Siemens)

11.  The First Word on the Existence of God (author: Joshua Matthan Brown)

Liturgical resources are also currently in preparation.

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