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Our Process

In our endeavour to serve the Orthodox Church, we are continually seeking to identify areas in which new texts can be of use. To this end, we will, from time to time, seek out authors to write on specific topics, but we also welcome unsolicited submissions of academic, as well as popular, theology, together with pastoral and mission-oriented work.

If you decide to submit a proposal to us, it will go before an editorial board that will decide whether or not the idea is right for St Sergius Press. Then, if it passes that first stage, it will go to blind peer review by an expert in the specific field in order to establish its academic merit and theological fidelity.

Please note that we will not ask for a completed manuscript until the first two stages of the process have been successfully passed.

Translations will generally be commissioned by the Press, although if you believe there is a work in another language that deserves to reach an English-language audience and that can be of benefit to the Orthodox Church, we will be happy to hear about it. In this case, the process of proposal and review will be the same as that for an original text, but will also include an additional section asking for an explanation of the approach you will take to translation, and an additional examination of some sample text against the original by a competent reader the respective language.

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For any inquiries, please contact us directly:

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