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The titles below are part of the FIRST WORD series, and we would be pleased to hear from you if you think you have both the ​expertise and the literary aptitude to author one of them. Please note that titles in bold type are near completion already. Equally, if you have a suggestion for a topic we might cover but that you do not see in the list below, do be in touch.

1.    The First Word on the Orthodox Church
2.    The First Word on the Liturgy
3.    The First Word on Icons
4.    The First Word on the Sacraments

5.    The First Word on Prayer
6.    The First Word on Parish Life

7.    The First Word on Relationships

8.    The First Word on Marriage and Family Life
7.    The First Word on Differences Between Christians
8.    The First Word on the Scriptures
9.    The First Word on Fundamental Doctrines 
10.  The First Word on Death and the Afterlife

11.  The First Word on Orthodoxy and Mission

12. The First Word on the Existence of God

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Are you looking for a home for your academic work?

If you have an idea for an academic monograph on a topic of significance to Orthodox theology, we want to know about it.

The ‘St Sergius Monographs’ series is designed to foster excellence in all fields of Orthodox theology.

It does this by publishing academic monographs and treatises of 80k to 120k words that have been passed through an editorial board and vetted for both quality and accuracy.

Monographs should conform to the highest academic standards, including proper citations, accuracy of information, and where speculation is concerned, appropriate acknowledgment. They may represent an original contribution to, or a rigorous survey of,

any field of scholarship relevant to Orthodox Christianity with the purpose of offering something fresh to Orthodox thought on the matter.

Send us a proposal, including a working title, abstract, and table of contents, as well as a completed chapter along with an academic CV, and we will consider your work for the series. Please email us with any enquiries or, if you have material you want to submit, attach each file in MS Word, and we will be happy to receive it.

Be aware that, although we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt, it is likely to take at least six weeks before we let you know if the 'St Sergius Monographs' series is the right home for your work. Unfortunately, we will not consider any work for publication that is under consideration by another publisher at the same time.

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For any inquiries, please contact us directly:

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