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What is it?

The Orthodox Theology Experience seeks to bring to young Orthodox who wish to study theology more formally, a programme that explores some major themes in a systematic way, following the work of St John of Damascus, 'Exposition of the Orthodox Faith'. 


It will meet twice a month online over two academic years with once-a-term live gathering (for those who can make it) in an inspiring academic and spiritual setting.

It is specifically offered for Orthodox Christians, aged 18-35.

The cost is £200 per year, plus any applicable residence & materials costs, and there is a minimum cohort of ten. Should fewer than ten people sign up, then those who have already signed up and paid will receive a full refund on their registration.

If this is not something you can afford, speak with your priest to see if the parish has any funds to support you. If not, please register your interest anyway, by emailing and explaining your situation. There are no bursary funds available as yet, but we are looking into a system of supporting those who wish to join, but who cannot now afford it.

What's on the curriculum?

Year 1:

Autumn (Sept-Dec): The Holy Trinity & Creation

Winter (Jan-Mar): The Logos & Incarnation

Spring (Apr-Jun): The Holy Spirit & the Church


Year 2:

Autumn (Sept-Dec): Human Nature & Being

Winter (Jan-Mar): Sacred Writing: The Scriptures & Icons

Spring (Apr-Jun): The Saints & the Afterlife

Further Details

Because the study of theology is best undertaken as part of the Church's liturgical life, once per term we will meet in Wales or some other convenient place to serve the Divine Liturgy together, to encounter one another, and to convcerse and pray together. Where this is not possible for individual students because of distance, students will be expected to speak with their priest about attending the Divine Liturgy locally, and spending a day in service to the Church.

Materials for the course, including appropriate readings and questions for discussion, will be posted to students, or where the cost of postage would make this prohibitive, sent electronically, but all students should then create a folder specifically dedicated to study.

Fr Jacob Siemens, who will lead the course, takes a non-polemical, non-partisan, thoroughly traditional approach to the Orthodox Faith. He has many years' experience teaching theology at college, undergraduate, and post-graduate levels. He is a priest of the Archdiocese of Orthodox Churches of Russian Tradition in Western Europe (MP), serving in Wales.

For more information

Should you (or your priest) have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing any time.

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